Recently, Henning Pauly challenged me to do the 10 minute guitar string change challenge and I FINALLY have time to do it!

This is going to be interesting! Before we get to the challenge, we’re going to do an unboxing of a care package I got from Ernie Ball!

I’ve been playing Ernie ball strings for a very long time. I’m happy to be doing something with them. I mean I played Ernie Ball for 20 years easily… maybe even 25? Point is, I’ve played a lot of Ernie Ball strings over the years!

For this challenge I’ve brought out my custom Charbonneau seven string! This thing’s an absolute monster! It was made by hand in Quebec by my friend Pierre who builds magnificent guitars!¬†

I’d also like to thank my friends at Hosa and Goby Labs for sending me some cleaners! We got some fretboard conditioner and some guitar polish as well!

So, let’s do this!

I’d like to forward this along and challenge Ryan Bruce! Dude you’re up!


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