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Welcome to another episode of SMG Viewer’s Comments! My weekly show where I try to answer your comments and questions to the best of my ability!

MechMk1 brings up a good point:
“People are so focussed on gear because they think it substitutes practice. “The reason I such is because I don’t have a $4000 guitar.” No, the reason you suck is because you’d rather watch TV or get drunk than to practice!”

Again I’ve got to say that you guys are knocking out of the park! If you’re sleeping in and not practicing, you’re not getting better! If you’re wasting your time in front of a television- guess what? You’re not getting any better! This is absolutely true. There is no instant rockstar button. If you want it, you have to work for it and you have to make priority choices with your time! Best of luck!

Vikings War Of Clans was inspired by awesome strategy games from the ‘90s like Civilization and if you’re really old like me Dune II- these were the games that we all loved, that were so intense and that were so involved that the bass players had no idea what was going on!

Vikings is a mobile game that takes the intensity to the next level with 20,000,000 players online that are constantly changing the way the game evolves by fighting over resources, forging new alliances, and competing in live events.

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