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Mo Khan comments:
I have the Line 6 Spider V 30 and yeah it is a piece of shit. When I didn’t know anything about guitar las year, some Guitar Center employee said this is the “best” amp for the price range.

Wow! You got lied to by a guy that works at Guitar Center! I can’t say that I’m surprised. I’m not saying that everyone that works at Guitar Center is bad, that’s very far from the truth. The one thing I’ve seen at Guitar Center is that their turnover rate is pretty high because it’s kind of a shitty place to work right now. If you’re currently working there, stay strong! Hopefully you’ll get paid decently one day!

But yes, there are far better options out there than the Spider V. I always go back to the Joyo Zombie and the Harley Benton 1×12- you’ll get a far better sound with that than with the Line 6 Spider. (Guitar Center doesn’t carry these items- and their employees work on commission!)