Welcome to SMG viewers comments episode 136! It’s been a while since we’ve been back in the studio! So let’s get right to it!

Some of the questions I got this week are:
You probably get this a lot. What do you do if you’re in a band with a great musicians but they are douchebags. Cheers

Question: is it better to use live drums that aren’t professionally recorded or a drum program on a computer on a rock/metal track? Big fan by the way.

Hey, Glenn. How do you feel about Andy Sneap taking over Glenn Tipton’s live duties? Do you think he’s the right choice? And do you even have an opinion, or do you think that Glenn knows best? (This is me just wanting to hear the words “Judas Priest” on yet another YouTube video by the way; Glenn Tipton is my favorite guitar player and I’m still, for a lack of a better word, bummed about his condition)

For us noobs out there, can you touch more on “sum to mono” ? I’m sure I can figure it out eventually but sometimes those little details might help the guys starting out?


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