Give a GIANT Middle Finger to the Killjoy in your life!

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Welcome to another episode of Viewer’s Comments; the weekly show where I USUALLY answer your questions about recording to the best of my ability!

This week we have a very special episode brought to you by all the butthurt people who got upset that I dropped a Marshall Code 25 off of a rooftop!

ZeldanerdsFTW had a great comment:
Aaaand cue the onslaught of crybaby bass player bitching. “Why didn’t you just give it to a bedroom musician who needed it?! You’re such a fucking asshole!!” Can’t wait for THAT viewer’s comments video! 😀

What a fantastic idea! Let’s do that!

The first comment is from someone named “Macurio.”
“Stop doing that stupid shit. You look like those assholes that brake cars just ‘cos they can If you dislike that shitty amp give it to a young guy who can’t buy one, or to a school. Don’t be a stupid child, you are better than that.”

Yeah, you know what I say to that? Growing up is overrated you killjoy! And just to prove a point, you’ve inspired this week’s T-Shirt “Growing up is overrated!

There are a ton of comments form butthurt people this week! Make sure you watch to the very end so you don’t miss any of this ridiculousness!