Welcome back to Audio Basics! I’m very happy that everyone enjoyed the last episode “How to Use a Compressor.” I was going to go into the different types of compressors today, but I thought this one might be a little more helpful!

What does sidechaining do?

This is a question I got from Chris Kurts!

Sidechain compression definitely mystifies a lot of us but it’s a great tool! I use Sidechain expansion all the time (watch the video above to learn more about this)

Sidechain compression is actually pretty simple once you get the grasp of it. If you haven’t watched the “How to use a compressor” video, please watch that first. It lays out the basics of what the controls do. It’s a lot less confusing than the controls make it out to be.

How a compressor works:
Once the signal gets passed a certain threshold the compressor turns things down. It’s a very fast volume knob. The ratio controls how far down it gets turned, and the attack and release controls control how fast it’s turned down and turned back up again.

All side chain compression does, is it changes the source that the threshold works from. That is it! In this case, we’re using other tracks for a source for that threshold.

Watch the video above to learn more and see examples of sidechain compression.

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