Battle of the 2X12: HARLEY BENTON vs MESA

We’re checking out the Harley Benton 2×12 Vintage. It’s a 2×12 loaded up with a pair of real Celestion Vintage 30’s and it’s priced at $281 USD.

Considering that a Mesa 2×12 Rectifier Cabinet will cost $729 USD, the Harley Benton offers some serious savings. Especially since it only costs $60 to ship to the US from Germany!

The big question is “how does it sound?”

For fun, I brought in a Mesa 2×12 and shot these two out directly. To have a bit of fun, I’m not going to tell you which cab is which! We’re going to let your ears decide!

We’re going to check it out, and let you decide for yourself!

We tracked both of these cabinets plugged into a Revv Generator 100P and mic’d them up with the same SM57.

Let me know which cab you think is which! I’m going to do a follow up in a few days with the results.

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