TBone MB75


Shure SM57


Harley Benton G212V

Today I have a pair of TBone MB75 which I think are more than just a little resemblance the Classic SM57.

These go for roughly $30 USD and Thomann ships to the US Fairly cheap and gives you a 30kg limit.

If I put the two next to each other they are nearly identical just a slight difference in coloring on the grill.

Can this be an actual viable alternative for recording metal guitars vs. the classic SM57?

I have labeled the mics “A” & “B” and will be posting the results in a couple days so be sure to come back and check that out.

Thank you to Sabian for supporting the show and providing us with some incredible cymbals.

TBone MB75: http://bit.ly/2PHfVlH
Shure SM57: http://bit.ly/2PHggEZ
Harley Benton G212V: http://bit.ly/2MGRSps

Be sure to leave questions and guess which mic is the true SM57 in the youtube comment section:

Can a $30 SM57 Copy sound just as good as the original?