We have a special guest on the show today, Henning Pauly! – You might know him from his YouTube Channel EytschPi42, or from yesterday’s video “Henning’s a DUMB*SS.” Make sure you check out Henning’s channel!

We’ve done a few of these videos in the “Can you play metal on…” series, and this one was actually Henning’s idea! – Can you play metal on a cigar box guitar? Although we don’t have Christian here, we’re still going to try to play metal on this thing!

If I don’t have the details right, forgive me (I don’t know the exact full history) but basically, Cigar Box Guitars were made by people who had no means to buy a finished musical instrument. They were all handmade (out of real cigar boxes)! They would stick a broom poll (or something like that) on them, string them up, and make music!

Watch the video above to hear Henning and I talk in more detail about this specific cigar box guitar and to hear the verdict; can you play metal on a cigar box guitar?