Interview with former LAMB OF GOD guitar tech HOOGIE

Merch: Talking about life on the road with the former Lamb of God guitar tech, HOOGIE! Hoogie was kind enough to take a few minutes to show us around, talk about his day to day, and break out some of his killer guitars!

How to Record Heavy Drums part 6 – TOMS

Part 6 of the ongoing series, "How to Record Heavy Drums."   Probably the easiest element.   The hardest part is arguing with the drummer!

Stupid texts from Musicians to Engineers

  These are collected from FELLOW ENGINEERS. If you guys think I'm mean, or just making things up about the ridiculous things engineers have to deal with, think again. I have proof. Lots of it.

Things Musicians NEVER SAY in the studio!!!

After many, many years or recording bands professionally, here's a few things that not a single musician has said. EVER.**I make absolutely no claims of originality in this video.** If you don't find this funny, blame TJ. It was his idea.

Click Theft – It’s For Idiots

Discussing the phenomenon of Click Theft & how it's hurting YouTube content creators. #clicktheftNow with commentary from those responsible. Seriously. It's hilarious. Read the comments. :)Thanks for all your support!