Fearless Gear Review – Marshall Code 25

It’s time for yet another episode of “Fearless Gear Reviews.” This segment is my fearless gear review show that is supported by my Patrons and not the Manufacturers! This way, I can give you guys an honest, unbiased opinion instead of bowing to the manufacturer’s wishes in the hopes that they’ll send


You guys have been asking for this one for quite some time! “How do we record heavy vocals?” You'll be glad to know that recording vocals is probably the easiest aspect of recording metal! There's no real big secret to getting a good vocal sound because it really comes down to the

DANGER ZONE: Metal cover

Been working on this one for  a while..... and went through many, many revisions in the process.   Our take on the 80s classic:  Danger Zone. Thanks to everyone who played on it! Vocals: Siegfried Song Drums: TJ Downhaniuk Guitar: Brandon Wright Lead: Jason Constantine Keys: Alex Nasla I think we retracked the


I had the chance to have some guests on today's episode of SMG Viewer's Comments!   Joining me is Jared Dines, Stevie T, Sarah Longfield, Trey Xavier, Adam Neeley and Tony Cappocchi!   We take a look at questions such as if Apple is still a viable platform for audio production, what kind of