Earthworks DK7 Drum Mic Kit Quick Test & Unbox

Earthworks DK7 Drum Mic Kit We have another real short unboxing and test video! A little something extra for you to watch. Like I said last week, I’ve got so much gear piling up here and I want to do dedicated videos for each

AUDIO BASICS: Sidechain Compression HOW & WHY

Welcome back to Audio Basics! I’m very happy that everyone enjoyed the last episode “How to Use a Compressor.” I was going to go into the different types of compressors today, but I thought this one might be a little more helpful! What does sidechaining do? This is a question I got

HOW TO PRACTICE your instrument

GET MY NEW COURSE "PRODUCING PROG METAL" HERE I’m hanging out with my very good friend Trey Xavier from the show “Gear Gods!” Today we’re talking about 7 ways to practice your instrument. Subscribe to Gear Gods here! Trey is very close to hitting 100,000 subscribers! 

Audio Basics: How to Use a Compressor

Tutorial Wednesdays are basic recording & mixing lessons (at this point) that I give you guys on concepts like EQ and Compression and whatnot! A good amount of you guys are beginners and might not understand some of the concepts I talk about on the show. This is

Stupid Musician Texts MARCH 2018

Episode sponsored by Distrokid Welcome to another episode of stupid musicians texts. The show where we pull back the shroud that conceals the inner workings of the music industry and take a look at the festering idiocy that lies within. This is a good comment… How many times have I mentioned cupping

Five things that will RUIN your MUSIC VIDEO!

5 things that will RUIN your music video! Hanging out with my good friend, Gavin Micheal Booth, and we discuss the pitfalls of the indie band trying to craft a music video.  Here's a hint:  It's really easy to make a terrible music video!   Making something interesting, that people want to see,