How to Develop your OWN METAL TONE

Today’s tutorial is all about how to find your own tone in metal. The great thing about modern recording technology is that anyone can make a record these days. The problem with that is it’s become so easy to get great metal tones, everyone’s been kind of doing the same thing; going

Virtual Amp Designer: Bias Amp 2

This episode of Spectre Sound Studios is brought to you by Positive Grid. Today is the first day of NAMM 2018 and we're gonna take a look at the new Bias Amp 2 - from Positive Grid. Now if you've watched the show for any length of time you know I've done

The Greatest METAL GUITAR recording trick I ever learned

If you record metal guitar, you REALLY want to pay attention here! :) Recently, I had my eyes opened up by some of the best recording engineers in the business! I had a chance to hang out with Bob Marlette (Rob Zombie, Anvil, Shinedown, Alice Cooper), Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth, Sum 41, NOFX) and Ulrich