T-Bone DC4000 – Mic your drums for only $266!

TBone MB75 Shure SM57 Harley Benton G212V TBone DC 4000 Drum mic kit You’ve been asking me about the T-Bone stuff for a while, T-Bone is Thoman’s brand and today I have the T-Bone DC 4000 Drum mic kit. The

Tiny Mics – HUGE SOUND – Earthworks DK7 demo

We have Jackson Ward on the drums and we’re going to be doing a walk around of the drum kit. On the drums we have some absolutely freaking astounding Earthworks mics set up all over the place! We have them on the overheads, toms, and on the snare.

NUX B-3 Wireless – Demo

NUX B-3 Wireless System Today we're checking out the NUX B-3 Wireless system! They asked me if they could sponsor this and I said hell yeah because I’ve needed something like this for the last four years that I’ve been doing YouTube. I work with

Spectre Sound 2018 Studio Tour

Hey Everybody, A lot of you guys have been asking me about a studio tour. It’s been several years since my last studio tour and things have been upgraded quite significantly since. First and foremost, the centerpiece of the studio is my RME Fireface UFX+ and is the nerve center

TBone MB75 vs SM57 Revealed

TBone MB75 Shure SM57 Harley Benton G212V Last week we did a shoot-out between a $30 USD TBone MB75 and a $99 USD Shure SM57. I ran a couple of test clips and asked you guys what you thought. Which is the

Producing METAL with TEMPLATES

On one of my earlier Viewer’s Comments episodes a bunch of you asked to see an episode on Templates! I was going to do this massive comprehensive templates episode, however it took me about 4 hours to get this episode set up… so I’m going to break it up into 3