Is Production more Important than the Song?

This episode is made possible by support from my Awesome Patrons! Want to help keep the show uncensored? Become a Patron Today It's Friday- And we have made it to Episode #166! of Viewer's Comments!  For those of you who don't know, Viewer’s Comments is my weekly show where I answer your

What is Consolidation?

Hey Everyone! I’ve decided to make a quick follow up Tutorial about Consolidation. This video is in addition to the answer I gave a couple weeks ago on Viewers Comments. You can watch that Episode here: What the hell is consolidation and why do we need it? Simply put because

Your boss is bribing you to join his band?

This episode is sponsored by Distrokid Welcome back to another episode of Viewer's Comments! Viewer’s Comments is my weekly show where I answer your questions to the best of my ability! We always get a ton of great comments and this week is no exception!  My name is Tom Araya comments: My boss

The $14 Microphone Challenge!

Can a cheap mic sound good? Let's put it to the test! I have something really special today on this episode of “Fearless Gear Reviews!” A brand new microphone I found on Amazon for a whole $14.49. Is it any good? This is the mic I'm talking about: SF-920 Mic  First


Episode sponsored by DistrokidWelcome to Stupid Musician Texts; the show where we peel back the autotune and computer enhancement to look at what’s really going on in the music business. The common theme on this show is that musicians are cheap bastards! We all know it and these text messages merely verify it.In


This episode of Viewer’s Comments is brought to you by Sound Addicted! Welcome to another episode of Viewer’s Comments! We’re up to episode #162! I can’t believe we’ve gone this far! Keep those comments and questions coming! BlendedKittens Asks: Why would someone get annoyed at a gear review? Guess to defend their