I’ve been a Schecter fan for about 10 years. I have a HELLRAISER that I use in the studio all the time. Generally when a client brings in a crap guitar that won’t stay in tune, or bad electronics, or bad set up. or bad strings or whatever. I’ll be like “hey, here’s my HELLRAISER, play this.” And they go “hey this is great, let’s use this!”

Anyways, I got to sit down with Mr. Pete Thorn at Guitcon and check out their SUSTAINIAC guitars. The sustainer’s are great! They’re not just for whammy bar tricks, but for sustaining notes! Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.

For those of you who don’t know Pete- he is a YouTuber, but he’s also got a very long professional history backing up some pretty awesome musicians: Melissa Etheridge, Chris Cornell and Don Henley. Check out this bio from his website:

In 2006, Thorn started working regularly with famed producer Linda Perry, in her los Angeles-based Kung Fu Gardens recording studio. He played on tracks from a diverse range of artists, such as James Blunt, Daniel Powter, Alicia Keys, Pink, and many others. In 2007, the ultra-busy axman joined ex-Soundgarden/Audioslave vocalist Chris Cornell’s solo band and toured extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America, in support of Carry On and Scream albums. He also contributed guitar tracks to Cornell’s 2008 “ Scream” album release. After which, in 2009, he joined Eagles’ founder, Don Henley’s solo touring band. In 2011, Thorn was asked to join Melissa Etheridge on her “Fearless Love” world tour. He continued with Etheridge until 2013, at which point he embarked on an extensive European tour with French superstar Mylene Farmer. And in 2014 and 2015, Peter joined Japanese rock icon Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi for multiple tours and an epic career highlight concert at Mt. Fuji, performing for over 100,000 fans on the biggest concert stage ever assembled in Japan!

Do yourself a favor and head over to Pete’s channel. He does a ton of reviews and produces an original song for every new review. Seriously, this guy is great. Check him out here.

Checking out Schecter SUSTAINIAC guitars with Pete Thorn!

Featured in this video:

acoustic drums for metal recording manual

If you’re a drummer, you’re going to find this guide offensive. It never ceases to amaze me how easily big, tough heavy metal drummers get offended….

“What comes out the speakers matters more than your feelings, creampuff!”