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Mike A Asks:
Glenn man, how do you go about a bandmates attachment to broke-ass gear? Ps thanks for all the info thanks to you i now own a windsor and 5150 you cheers from florida!

Hey Mike that’s a tough one! I had a situation where I recorded a band early on in my career and the guitar player brought in a complete piece of crap. I suggested that maybe we should try using a better instrument and get some better tracks and he was like “well I’m using this or I’m not playing anything.”

What I really wanted to say was “okay there’s the door, amateur hour is that way!” We managed, but it certainly made things more difficult!

Get rid of the band mate! That would be my advice. Life’s too short to deal with that crap!

BasketCase404 asks:
How common is it in the recording industry for a band to want to record and mix everything themself? Like if a band just needed a studio to record in, but could do the rest themself? Are there studios that would be willing to let bands do this? Thanks.

The short answer, yes! If a commercial studio wants to stay in business they’re gonna have to go along with how bands are working these days. When I did the Vias record, we did the drums in one day at Phase One and finished the rest of the recording here in my studio. I think that’s going to be the case most of the time with a lot of indie bands. A studio should not have a problem with that whatsoever.