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“David Fuller” Comments:
Tell me Glenn, how often does a band come to you, say “we want to work with you,” and turn around a day later and say “hey we found someone else?”
Just had this happen, and I’m fucking pissed, especially because they chose the other guy based on how he works, not the quality of his mixes.

Hahahah – Welcome to the wonderful world of being an engineer and a producer! The first piece of advice I can give you in a situation like that is- Don’t be a bitch about it. Don’t complain, just smile and nod. Cause if they go to the other guy and they don’t get a good product, chances are they’re going to go back to the guy who didn’t freak when they said they didn’t want to work with him.

It certainly happened with me on a couple of occasions where I’d worked with bands and they decided that for the next record they were going to go with someone else. It’s crushing. It hurts! It really sucks and it’s like “what? I didn’t do good enough?”

That’s just part of the business. You got a job. Now you don’t have a job. The thing is, be cool about it! Chances are they will come back and they’re going to remember you and remember that you were cool about it. They want to work with people who ARE going to be cool about things.

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