I’ve gotten a few questions about my old stage mic. You know, the one that’s dented and looks like it was used as a punishment tool for people who cup the mic! I’ve had this mic since about the summer of ’92. I bought it used and then used it for ages and ages with my band “CHAOS.” Believe it or not, I was the singer in the band.

For the record, I was the worst mic cupper of them all back in the day. Yes, you read that correctly.

The PAs were under powered and nobody knew how to set anything up- and that was the “only way” to get any power. But then I grew up and realized, “Hey! This actually sounds like shit!” My anger comes from a place of love! So when I say “Stop Cupping The Mic Dumbass” it’s because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that I did. I will say though that Rule #2 doesn’t come from a place of love- it comes from a place of truth. I’ve done the nice guy thing for 20 fucking years! – It. Doesn’t. Work. The way to get through to musicians is to motivate them and you do that by being honest. Hey, maybe Rule #2 does come from a place of love after all?

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acoustic drums for metal recording manual

If you’re a drummer, you’re going to find this guide offensive. It never ceases to amaze me how easily big, tough heavy metal drummers get offended….

“What comes out the speakers matters more than your feelings, creampuff!”