This video is coming to you from Henning’s studio in Germany! We’ve been hanging out the last week or so, and as you an see behind me, Henning’s got this insane studio set up with tons of gear!

Today we’re looking at the Line 6 Pocket Pod. These things retail for around $99 brand new, and they’re meant to act as a practice tool. In previous Fearless Gear Reviews, you’ve seen me blow up a Line 6 amp, smash one with a sledge hammer and advise you not to buy the damn thing!

The Line 6 Pocket Pod features a belt clip and can be run off of a battery.

Alex really didn’t like this thing and wanted me to play hockey with it, but here’s the thing. I’m only going to bust up a piece of gear if I really truly hate it, and this little fucker kind of surprised me! It actually sounds halfway decent for what it’s supposed to be used for. As a barebones, headphone practice amp- great!

I wouldn’t use the Pocket Pod on a record, but if you can get a better sound out of it than me, more power to ya! That being said, I can’t say that I hate it!

Anyway, make sure to check out the video to hear some banter between Henning and I, and to hear what this Pocket Pod can do!