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Today’s Viewer’s Comments is centred around “Finding Success in Rock and Metal.” Let’s get right into it!

One viewer wrote:
“Hey Glenn you got kids? My son just started his own studio and does get work. He has a young family, his wife refuses to allow him to pass the business down to their kids its his thing and she wants something else for the kids. She also doesn’t like it when they go to the studio with him. Is this a business worth saving for your children or safe to have kids in? thanks”

Not everybody gets to grow up in a recording studio. The most notable family that grew up in a recording studio were the Abbott brothers and they went on to form Pantera!

I don’t have kids because I knew having a studio and having children would be two very conflicting things and given the amount of time a studio takes up in my life, I didn’t think it would be fair to have kids- so I chose a career instead.

I know a lot of guys who have studios who have had kids and managed to pull it off. But honestly, it’s just not for me.

“Hey, Glenn! Do you know how a Rock/Metal musician can have international success nowadays? In other words, is it possible for Rock and Metal to be Mainstream again and bury modern Pop and Rap? Or do we have to keep putting up with that shit for the rest of our lives?”

You want to be successful? Put a cool song up on YouTube – if it’s good, we’ll find it! I’ve said this before!!! As for the other genres part of this message, I don’t have a problem with other genres of music! The world is big enough where we can have more than one genre. Don’t be so narrow minded!

Finding Success in Rock and Metal

Finding Success in Rock and Metal

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