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Glenn Hunter Asks:
Question for you: you go back in time, back to your first legit recording session. what do you tell yourself? What would you have wanted to know on your first day?

That’s a phenomenal question!

1. Don’t expect much from the musicians
The first thing I would have said to myself is don’t expect much from the musicians. I would have told myself “honestly the first band I had come in this is going to be the exception not the rule” which really sucks because they’re a group called “Problems to the Solution” and they kicked ass and almost every band since has been a complete and total letdown because those guys were awesome and most the bands I got to do after weren’t.

2. Don’t obsess about super expensive gear
The other thing I would suggest to myself is don’t obsess about the super expensive gear as much as I did in my younger days. As I found out the cheap Behringer mixer with the preamps are awesome for doing metal guitars

3. Invest in some proper bass traps
Third thing I would have said would be to invest in some proper bass traps that would have been extremely extremely important and saved myself a lot of grief back in the day.

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