I’ve told a good amount of musicians (bass players) to go home and learn their part while in my studio. Not to be a jerk or to be mean. If you come into the studio and don’t know your part, you’re not only wasting my time, but you’re wasting your time, your money and your band’s time.

This week’s Viewer’s Comments is centred around just that. Practicing!

“LowEndStrings” Comments:
Quantizing guitars (align it perfectly to the grid) is shit, of course. But not editing Guitars will make a song sound like bullshit, if you can’t play 100% tight. Yeah I get the world needs great musicians. But does it mean everyone else should not be allowed to have a great sounding record? Nonsense! I’d rather have a bad mix and get tight instruments. It’s enhancing your performance not replacing it….

Enhancing your performance? You mean changing it into something that never actually happened? It’s exactly the same thing as steroids in the olympics. It’s “Enhancing the performance.” Yes. And it’s not real. And it’s a lie. My favorite line in that comment was ” But does it mean everyone else should not be allowed to have a great sounding record?” Well here’s the thing… it doesn’t sound great! It. Sounds. Boring!!!! Why are you guys so satisfied with “Good enough?” Good is the enemy of great! I want great! I want to hear something inspiring! There’s a reason why bands like Queen were so awesome and did these records that stood the test of time! It’s because they were awesome musicians and they gave passionate performances! We’re not getting that. We’re getting “well, that’s good enough, I’ll just edit it.” That. Is total crap.

Here’s the thing. Should everyone get great sounding records? Yes! All you have to do is practice! Don’t lie to your audience…

A great recording can only enhance a great song.


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