I started a new series recently for Saturday morning’s called “I’ve got too much gear!”

Today we’ve got a prototype 7 string from GOC Guitars from China. The company sent me a pair of these to review, and then told me to hold off and not review them because they weren’t happy with the guitar.

I asked them if they were cool with me giving them away to my awesome viewers, and they said yes! To enter to win here’s what you have to do.

1. Follow GOC Guitars on Facebook
2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel 
3. Sign up Via the Raffle Copter Draw Above! (You’re only entered to win if you enter via raffle copter)

I just want to say this to everyone who complained about my Line 6 Spider video, and my Marshall Code video. I’d rather give something quality away! (Like this kickass guitar!

Winner responsible for any/all import duties, taxes or fees.