I’m excited to announce my new course: Producing Prog Metal with Glenn Fricker

I take things a step further than I do on YouTube and give you a more in-depth look into how I produce a prog metal track.

In this 3 hour course, I share my acquired knowledge of over 20 years of experience recording & producing Metal and teach you all the techniques (and why I use them) you need to achieve the sound you’re after.

What you’ll learn in this 3 hour course:
✅ Mic placement (Drums, Bass Cabs & Guitar Cabs)
✅ Editing Drums (Without losing the human performance)
✅ How to Mix Powerful Metal Drums
✅ How To Achieve Skull Crushing Guitar & Bass Tones
✅ Create mood and feeling in your mix with special effects

Check out Producing Prog Metal

As you can probably tell from my YouTube channel, I’m very passionate about music! I share my knowledge and experience so I can help the next generation of mixers, engineers and producers create music that doesn’t sound like it was made by robots.

Let’s keep the human in music! Sure, we can replace everything with drum samples, auto tuned vocals and quantize everything, but why? To create something that sounds horrible? To create something that sounds generic?

INCLUDED in this course:
✅  My final mix for reference
✅  All of the multitracks for the song
✅  All of My Reaper mix presets
✅  Edited & Unedited drums (so you can practice)
✅  DI Tracks for guitar reamping
✅  3 hours of video tutorials

Join me, and learn how to produce a killer Prog Metal track!