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For those of you new to the show, Viewer’s Comments is my weekly round up of YOUR questions! I do these episodes every Friday. The best way to get featured on the show is to leave comments and ask questions.

Johnathan asks:
Hey Glenn, I’ve watch your videos for about a year now and have a lot of respect for you. My question is: what would be a good amp for around $250? I recently had to take the place of my bands guitarist. We kicked him out because his girlfriend was always disrespectful and demanding us to put him under the spotlight and he chose her over us. Right now I am using a VOX DA-15 that I got at a pawnshop for $100. Cheers from Texas.

Hey Johnathan! Good on you guys for KICKING HIM OUT! If his girlfriend was getting in the way, you guys made the absolute right choice. Your girlfriend’s got an opinion? Great! There’s the door! Get out! Good on you guys!

That being said for $250 you might be cutting it a bit close, I’d say a JOYO Zombie, and a Harley Benton 1×12 Cab that might do the job… The other thing I would suggest is to try saving up another $250 and looking for a used 5150 combo. That will knock doors down. Walls down.. you get it! It would be freaking amazing!

Do yourself a favour, save up a few more bucks, it’s going to be worth it!

Anyway, Good luck dude! Hope it works out well for you guys especially since you got rid of the annoying girlfriend!

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