It’s Friday! That means it’s time for SMG Viewer’s Comments; my weekly show where I try to answer your comments and questions to the best of my ability!

Before we get into it, I did a video a little while back about how to deal with your religious nut-job parents and I got a lot of comments from the eastern hemisphere that I thought were really interesting.

So the first couple comments are going to be in response to those- there are some really interesting perspectives and I think they need to be heard! Especially for those of us who live in the Western Hemisphere and might not understand how things are going over there.

Ayesha Basit Comments: “Hey! I’m a 21 year old Pakistani! Been watching your channel for 2 years now and love your videos! I play guitar in a band but things are a little complicated because playing music is controversial here, to Begin with, and I’m a girl to add to that. :/ My family is super concerned for my safety and ‘reputation’. It’s difficult to stay motivated. Any advice? Oh and fuck you glen :D”

Wow – Holy smokes, I know a lot about recording but I know jack shit about the culture over there so I will definitely plead ignorance. Thank you so much for writing I think that’s incredible, first of all I think you’re really fucking brave for playing in a metal band in Pakistan as a woman! Like I said I’m pleading ignorance here but to my knowledge one of the most dangerous things in that culture is a woman who can think for herself.

Hats off to you, holy fuck. I have to put up with nasty youtube comments and you have to put up with being lynched, an arranged marriage, or who knows what else. If I’m getting it wrong let me know in the YouTube comments.

Talk about a touchy subject, what can you do… I suggest moving to Canada where we actually respect someones right to express themselves, cause I don’t think you’re going to change that culture anytime soon. Thank you so much for writing and I honestly wish I had a better answer for you but that one has got no easy solution.