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Holy crap we’re into December already! Let’s get right to your questions!

Shadow Scone Comments:

“What happened to the rebellious rock n roll/metal acts? It’s all processed and boring. I Watched the documentary Heavy: the story of metal, I saw what the early ’80s had with you know Metallica. And the Thrash scene but now hear ’Metal’ and It fails to live up to any expectations I had when I was a kid, my earliest memories of Rock and Metal were bands like AC/DC and Maidens ‘Number of the beast. So what I’m trying to ask is that do you personally, think metal and rock n Roll have lost their rebelliousness or is it simply being drowned out by huge sampled drums/guitar. A great big fuck you Glenn from New Zealand, keep the vids up.”

I think that’s a fantastic question with no easy answer. Has rock n roll lost its rebelliousness? – YES a lot of it has people are so afraid of being offensive to anyone that they are really censoring themselves.

You see the same thing happening in comedy as well where comedians are having to dial stuff back! Everybody is so fucking offended by everything these days- it’s really starting to hurt the arts – And that’s a shame.

The question is how long can people keep out evil-ing each other? There was a band that brought pigs heads on stage, When I was a kid I remember the Iron Maiden “Number Of The Beast” thing and it was kinda spooky, but these days it’s kind of comical. With information being available, you can easily research something, there is no more mystic. The internet has really been the death of the rockstar In my opinion.

I could be wrong, let me know your thoughts.

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