I’ve got a quick tutorial for you today- It’s inspired by a viewer named Markos!

Markos asked:
Can you do a video on how we can get sound quality like yours on our voices? It’s amazing.

This has been a common request over the years, and yes, I think it’s time I finally got around to showing you my workflow.

I’ve always said this, it’s no secret, the first thing I do is use an off camera mic. If we go on camera we get a much different sound! Watch video above to hear the difference.

I use a Hollywood micing technique where the mic is just out of frame above the subject. This is the technique that I’ve been using over the years for the show. I’ve tried a few different mic placements (on the side, on the floor) but the best placement I’ve found is just out of frame from the top just above the subject. That’s about as close as you can get it without picking up any nasty room resonances like you would with an on-camera mic! Again, watch the video above to hear the difference.

I am using a pretty killer analogue signal chain, but let’s take a look at using some more affordable equipment. I’m going to use my super cheap Behringer preamps, which I’ve been using on guitar, and the FMR “Really Nice Compressor” and see what kind of results we get with that! (Watch the video above to hear the results!)

Another thing that I use all the time out in the field is the Lewitt Interviewer Mic, which I use in conjunction with the Tascam DR-10X. The Tascam DR-10X is a little XLR Recorder that records 2 audio channels, one at whatever gain you want it for and one at 10db quieter so that if you peak out a signal because someone starts yelling, you have a backup!

There you have it! You should have no problem getting great sound quality on your next video!