Matt Espin asks:
Hey Glenn, I have been working hard on promoting my new EP, but I have hit a wall. Can you tell me easy ways to promote effectively?

I handed the mic over to Trey from Gear Gods to field this question.

The number one thing you’re going to do in order to promote your EP is get a publicist if you possibly can who works in your genre, who works with bands that you know and like that are playing the same kind of music as you and doing well. It’s okay to be a smaller band on a bigger roster- they’re usually tiered systems so you can pay a smaller amount and the publicist will use their bigger bands as leverage to get you on different publications, such as Gear Gods, or Metal Injection, or Metal Sucks if you’re playing metal.

Spend more money on your publicity than you do making your record. Don’t spend $10,000 recording your record and only have $100 to promote it. That’s a bad idea.

I wanted to give a huge shout out to my friends in the band “Rest Repose.” They’re going to be hitting the road this summer from June 10th to July 20th!

They’re also going to be giving away a PRS Mark Holcomb Guitar.

The way to win it is by sharing the poster below with the hashtag #RestReposeGiveaway.

They’re going to be playing Pontiac Michigan on June 19th and I’m planning on going to that show so if you live nearby and want to hang out, I’m going to be there too!

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