You guys have been asking for this one for quite some time! “How do we record heavy vocals?”

You’ll be glad to know that recording vocals is probably the easiest aspect of recording metal! There’s no real big secret to getting a good vocal sound because it really comes down to the singer.

Some are great, some aren’t and, some are so bad it really doesn’t matter how much auto-tune you throw on it it’s still terrible! Listen to modern pop music for verification of that statement.

When I go to record vocals I take one of three approaches:
1. If it’s mainly singing, I will use a condenser mic.

2. If there are screaming vocals I’ll use an sm7b you just can’t go wrong with that.

3. If the singer absolutely can’t work on the stand I’ll let them go handled with a 7b because it’s pretty hard to cup it although people do try… and boy do they ever get upset when you try to explain to them that it might not be the best approach to getting a huge vocal sound!

Watch the video above to learn how to record heavy vocals!

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