I’ve been wanting to do a video on patch bay’s for forever! And It’s finally here!

I got a wonderful patch bay from Redco Audio. It’s a 96pt TT type patchbay. Meaning it takes these little guys (watch video to see the size I’m talking about)- These originally came from the original phone switchboards. They’re a great way to get a lot of connectors into a very small space.

The whole point of a patchbay is to bring all your connections from the back of your rack unit to the front where you can access them easily.

Do you need a patchbay? Well, if you’ve got a degree in piano… probably not, because you already know everything. Also, if you have a small desktop based interface, you probably don’t need one of these.

It’s when you start getting into the bigger interfaces, you start adding 8 – 16 inputs and have a couple of nice pieces of outboard gear that you want to record with, a patchbay makes a lot of sense.

Watch the video above to learn how to use a patchbay!