I’ve been asked this question a bunch lately “How do I get my signal out of my DAW into some live gear like a compressor?”

I explained a lot of this in a previous video called How to USE A PATCHBAY

The basic overview is if you have a sound card with more than two outputs, you can use those to route live audio gear to Compressors, EQs, etc., and then route it back in through your sound card’s inputs. Patchbay’s come in really handy for this kind of stuff.

There’s definitely less room for error doing it this way, but then again you get to use cool hardware compressors. The benefit of that is that they all sound a little bit different so you’ll be getting your own sound and you won’t have the same sound as everyone else using the same plugins has!

With all the used gear floating around on Ebay you can probably get yourself a couple of badass compressors for not a whole lot of money!