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It’s Friday! That means it’s time for SMG Viewer’s Comments; my weekly show where I try to answer your comments and questions to the best of my ability!

 Comments: Glen, how do you feel about me withholding some songs/riffs from my band because, I feel like some ideas just can’t be developed with the current status of the band. Be it others aren’t into that specific genre or can’t sing for that style of song I wrote. That being said, they are willing to play my ideas, I just don’t want to waste some potentially good ideas that won’t come to for the fruition I desire. Thanks for your  time, glad to see you’re doing well, thanks for your videos, fuck you Glenn.

P.s. Jesus upon reread I sound like a fucking glam metal diva”

Yes, Bradley, you do sound like a glam metal diva, withhold your ideas because the guys in your band aren’t up to snuff. wow, talk about an overinflated sense of self-worth, holy shit man you know what throw the ideas out there see what happens. I’ve seen so many musicians fuck themselves this way “oh well you know, I’ll do that later or we’re gonna do this great idea after we do some other bullshit

Case n point there was a band I did a music video for a few years ago and I wanted to do this crazy ass video and they didn’t want to do the song that probably would have been the hit. They wanted to do the other song, he said oh we’ll use the hit song for the video after the fact and well you know, turns out the video wasn’t the greatest idea, for that song anyway, because there was no chorus. But if you go back and look at it you know we had a lot of fun, It probably would have worked with the catchier song.

Point being is when an opportunity is staring you in your face, take it, it might not come to you in the form that you want it might not be exactly as you plan things, but when it happens do it!

So what, if the guys in your band aren’t particularly up to what you think they should be, chances are you’re never going to find that band. I’ve had a friend of mine says this in a band one time, “what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna find a bunch of guys who are exactly into the same kind of music I’m into, and we’re gonna make something awesome”, of course that never happened, cause you’re never gonna find exactly the right people who see music with your particular vision, the best you can hope for is get together in a room with a bunch of other guys, throw ideas at each other, work off each other, and then come up with your own sound again.