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It’s Friday- And we have made it to Episode #166! of Viewer’s Comments! 

For those of you who don’t know, Viewer’s Comments is my weekly show where I answer your questions to the best of my ability!

I love reading your comments! If you haven’t had your question featured on the show, be sure to leave comments on every video for a better chance to be featured!

sha-d paul Comments:

Hey Glenn, what’s the best low quality mix you’ve ever heard so far?”

Probably the Sex Pistols album, that’s a great example of maybe a band that couldn’t play so well, and still doing it awesome. I still throw on Pretty Vacant to this day, somewhat 40 years after it came out.

The emotion is there, the RAGE is there, and that’s what’s great about that record. There’s attitude, loads of it, there’s this whole fuck you attitude to the whole establishment, and I think that’s simply magnificent and it still rings true to this day.

It’s something you just don’t get on modern over sanitized records. So even though their production wasn’t great, the record still makes my hair stand on end, because it was awesome.