It’s Friday! That means it’s time for SMG Viewer’s Comments; my weekly show where I try to answer your comments and questions to the best of my ability!

Nicholas Senting comments:
“We’ve all heard you say how you are sick of hearing sample replacement on every record because it’s the same samples being used on everything (also because it’s a little bitch way to mix), I have started to have the same experience with guitar tones on every new record. Could it be the fact that almost every studio has a Kemper in it and engineers are too damn lazy to switch the preset? I understand the draw of the Kemper to bands and budget studios that can’t afford a plethora of amps. However, when it comes to a class A studio, I think the Kemper needs to be ditched. Maybe I am completely off by blaming the Kemper for this. Thoughts?”

When your speaking in terms of metal, the go-to tone these days is a vintage 30 and an SM57 I don’t think it matters if it’s an Kemper or not that’s just what most people are going to gravitate towards because it’s simple and it works.

The Ironic thing is, Even though we have this insane set of tools at our disposal in terms of digital modeling.

Everybody just wants to sound the same and we’re not hearing anything unique anymore…