One of the things I like most about doing this show on YouTube is that I get to interact with you! I do my weekly viewer’s comments and it’s always a great time. Live streams are awesome too! I love hearing from you, answering your questions and even making tutorials based on what you want to learn about!

But every once and a while, I get a comment that really stands out above the rest and demands its own episode.

Mr. Piano Degree (fake name) commented:
Dude, I’m pretty sure your youtube days are numbered. Your to old, angry and your jokes are So overdone. Bass player this, bass player that ect. Do you even have any formal training in music? I’ve hear you try to play the guitar so I’m thinking not. After I got a Degree in piano. I wen to FullSail, Don’t start! I couldn’t imagine being in a studio for weeks with you. I would rather recording in my living room. And trust me, to an untrained ear, the would NEVER know the difference. 99.9 percent wouldn’t know. That’s why studios are shutting down. Welcome to the future and reality.

Do you know who didn’t go to University? MOZART!


Yes, you got a degree in piano! So that automatically makes you better than all the rest of us! Behold the piano god! I’m sincerely flattered that you took the time to comment on my lowly YouTube channel. We are truly graced by your presence and the world is a much better place because of you. I am down on my knees in appreciation for your truly awesome presence.

In case you couldn’t tell I was being SARCASTIC.

You’re missing the point of this YouTube channel. It’s to teach people how to record at HOME. Buy the best gear you can with a limited budget and get the most you can out of a home recording space. This channel has all sorts of tutorial series! (How to record heavy guitar, how to record heavy drums, and many many more!)

Does a degree in piano make you better?

Watch the video above to find out!

Although a formal education (a degree) can be extremely helpful, you should always be learning and refining your skills to become a master at your craft. I try to learn something new about recording every day. If you’re serious about taking your skills to the next level, you need to check out this course bundle. It’s called The Ultimate Rock Mixing Bundle.

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