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For those of you new to the show, Viewer’s Comments is my weekly round up of YOUR questions! I do these episodes every Friday. The best way to get featured on the show is to leave comments and ask questions.

Jure Beton asks:
What is your opinion on recording a full band all at once? What are some pros and cons and how should you approach it?

Funny you should mention that! I was just in Toronto over the weekend working the band “Protokult.” They’re one of the bands that supplied a lot of my background music for the show! We did one song- tracked to a metronome and we’re going to layer in the guitars after, you know- the standard metal production technique.

We also did a second song (to a metronome as well) and then we turned off the metronome and I had the band play together! It was far from perfect, but there was definitely some vibe! I mean, there’s a reason why people still listen to the sex pistols 40 after it was recorded! No one is going to remember a generic “verb the noun” bands ten years, even two years from now- because they all sound sanitized!

How I would approach it (the studio we were in last weekend was big), so there were isolation booths, and places to put the guitar amps and that kind of thing. And one guitar player was able to sing along because of the iso-booth!

I’ve got a much smaller studio, so I’d probably do it with the drummer in the drum room, and maybe a guitar player or two here in the control room, and run everyone through amp sims. That would be cool too!

Interestingly enough, the two Woods of Ypres disks were done live off the floor and those records did amazing things! Actually, looking back. Most of my favorite records I’ve done over the last 20 years didn’t have a metronome.

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