This is another video that I was able to shoot at Thomann’s Gearhead University with Colin Scott checking out shooting out a few different amps! 

One of the biggest questions I’ve been getting asked over the last year is “What do you think of the Marshall Code?” I never actually wanted to put money down on one of these, but since we’re at Thomann and they’ve got everything, here we are!

I brought my very good friend Colin in from Colin’s Sexy Guitars (CSGuitars) to demo these amps.

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We’ve got the Marshall Code 25 and the 15 watt Black Star (Fluff’s Favorite Amp), the Orange Micro Terror, a HoTone Heart Attack and we’re going to put them all up against the Revv 100P. They’re all going to be going through the same Harley Benton Cab except for the first two because they come with their own speakers.

Colin played a few riffs for us on a Prestige Guitar. You’ve seen these guitars on my show before (they’re a Canadian brand actually!)

Marshall Code 25:
Blackstar Lt-Echo 15:
Orange Micro Terror:
HoTone Heart Attack:
Revv 100P:
Prestige Guitars:

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