Well, this has to be the dumbest pro audio product of all time.   The MidiPlus Mirror!   File this under “what the hell were they thinking?”   See video for details.   Laughs guaranteed!


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So today we got a story on what might possibly be the dumbest audio interface ever conceived.

It’s the new mirror interface from Midiplus, designed specifically for women. It looks like a makeup case that flips open and has a light and mirror built right in.

Not to mention all the controls look like an eyeshadow pallet. Which brings me to the question I’m sure all of us are asking. What. The. Fuck were they thinking? Did anyone at MidiPlus stop for even 3 seconds and ponder the idea of perhaps asking a woman what they would like to see in an interface? Or better yet why it needs to be for women at all?

It’s fucking audio- the sound goes in, sound comes out. Give the customer a product that does that with the minimal bullshit and they will probably buy it.

I understand Midiplus is in the business of selling products and is looking for new markets to exploit but maybe next time they should talk to the people they’re trying to sell to.

I know! Radical concept right…

The only person on earth I could see using one of these is Lexxi Foxx from steel panther. That dude goes through a serious amount of makeup, so the mirror interface is a practical idea for a guy like him. For everyone else, maybe not so much.

“But Glenn you did a piece defending the pussy melter.”

Yes, I did, and while that was clearly satire, some people just didn’t get it and demanded it be removed from the TC Electronic presets, which in the long run worked out for the best as the band released it as its own pedal and it’s currently selling like crazy.

The Streisand effect “When the attempt to hide, remove or censor information has the complete opposite effect. Named after Barbra Streisand’s attempt to suppress photos of her mansion in Malibu.”

The thing is nobody needed to be protected from a guitar pedal just like nobody needs to be protected from an audio interface.

Is it in poor taste? – Absolutely!

Was it designed and marketed by clueless morons? – You’re damn right it was.

You really got to wonder about the people at Midiplus who are calling the shots. How in the hell did this thing even get approved? Who designed it? Who okayed it?

Did they not realize that the Chrysler corporation tried this way back in the 1950’s with the Dodge La Femme and that product failed miserably as well.

A lot of this does come down to culture clash, Midiplus is from Taiwan and they probably have no idea how things are done in western culture and that seems to be a bit of a problem that happens more often than we’d like.

Locally there was a large corporation that shall remain unnamed from that neck of the woods, and they opened a factory here in the Windsor, Canada area. It had to be explained to visiting company executives that the local women working at in their offices were not there for their sexual pleasure and if they didn’t start behaving themselves they would be going to jail.

That happened in 2017.

Obviously, there is much work that stills. Need to be done I would suggest that Midiplus hire some people to consult for them and if they are too cheap for that, maybe they could just start treating women like human beings.