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Methinks modern metal drums have gotten to the point where they’re stale & predictable, mainly because we’re not hearing actual drummers anymore. With time alignment, samples and programmed drums, who needs a drummer, right? WRONG!

RArecordings – Rick- commented:
The definition of a drummer in 2018: “someone who can play what the guitarist programmed in EZdrummer without doing his own thing or groove…. this means following the guitar riff with kick snare and toms exactly with a drum sound as short and clicks as possible and quarter notes on cymbals that have no attack to give the rhythm.” So in short: Be a glorified metronome….

Oh… I don’t know how true that is. I haven’t met many drummers who can actually plan on a metronome!

If you mean after the fact and everything’s been time aligned and the drummer has been completely censored out… yeah, okay! I can see how that would basically be a glorified metronome. I mean, I don’t get it. Especially with the whole samples thing and playing on electronic kits. If you’re time aligning everything, why even have a drummer? Just program it.. it would probably just save you a lot of grief!

I’ve got my lesson coming out very soon called “Producing Prog Metal” where I show you how I do my drums, and I think you guys are really going to dig it!

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