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GD Rexracer77 Comments:
“Hey Glenn sorry to beat a dead horse if this comment was asked a while ago by someone else. What’s a good alternative to recording drums in an apartment with super strict noise rules? I know there’s electric drums but I’m not sure if it’s for the best. Thanks and keep on rocking Glenn!”

That’s a damn fine question! I have a very good friend from LA who lives in an apartment and he has an electronic drum set. Even though he has his headphones on and it’s just the “tap tap tap” the neighbours still bitch, because they’re fucking up tight cunts!

I don’t Know…
Move to a place that doesn’t have such strict noise rules? Get a place that is not an apartment or rent a rehearsal studio.

If you have access to a garage you could build yourself a real simple system to knock down the sound quite a bit so you can practice, but you’re not going to be able to jam that way. There’s no easy solution to any of that, but if you are playing electronic drums in the apartment, just make sure to put some towels under the doorways to keep the air and sound from escaping. That might help a little bit, but the people underneath you might still get upset about the “tap tap tap.”

I’ve seen some guy put a couple 4X8 Sheets of plywood on tennis balls, that would acoustically decouple you from the floor, so that might help as well; You could probably do that for under $100. Another solution that’s more solid would be hockey pucks.

Any way good luck! Hope you find a solution soon, otherwise get some new neighbours that don’t suck.