NUX B-3 Wireless – Demo

Today we’re checking out the NUX B-3 Wireless system! They asked me if they could sponsor this and I said hell yeah because I’ve needed something like this for the last four years that I’ve been doing YouTube.

I work with some other wireless systems for guitar, but this system lets me work with any microphone that I want, and boy do I desperately need something like this. Especially doing trade show floors like NAMM and AES. In the past, I’ve either worked with a wired system like a very long cumbersome cable or a third-party recorder.

This little thing does the trick. It’s super easy to work with- you get a transmitter and a receiver, and doesn’t look like the housing is made out of Kleenex, which is a big help- it will probably not shatter if you drop it.

The NUX B-3 has 6 channels to choose from. What I really like is that it works with USB chargers so I don’t have to constantly be looking for double or triple A batteries for it.

You just plug it in and the damn thing works.

It’s so simple even your drummer could figure it out!

Honestly, there’s really not much to it, you just plug it into whatever mic you want, plug in your receiver and you’re in business.

To test it out I connected the transmitter to a handheld mic and attached the receiver to my preamps in the back. The transmitter is glowing blue which means it’s on and I’m not restricted in any way! When I walk around the mic keeps working flawlessly with no problems.

We tested out the mic against rock screamers and the NUX held it’s own.

Next, we tested the interviewer mic connected with the NUX wireless transmitter, and took the distance test outdoors, we made it all the way to my back fence with no delay.

I’m really happy to be representing this cause I think this is a killer product.

The NUX B-3 will set you back $179 on Amazon and it’s also available on Thomann.

I gotta say I love the freedom this gives me!

If you’re a Vlogger, you should really check this out cause you can’t beat the price.

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