Today we’ve got Mr. Phil X from Bon Jovi on the show!

As you guys can probably guess, Bon Jovi isn’t really my brand of music but I have massive respect for them as musicians and as hardworking people! There’s no autotune in that band!

Bon Jovi is still one of the hardest working bands out there 30 years into it.

“I love when people say ‘that guy’s just a hack playing with a has-been band’ and I mean like.. by has-been you mean selling out stadiums?? And.. I’ll be in a has-been band!” – Phil X.

In 2013, Phil X was originally an unofficial member when he first joined Bon Jovi. However in 2016, he was promoted to being an official band member, along with bassist Hugh McDonald, and he also provided lead guitar on the band’s thirteenth studio album This House Is Not for Sale.

Anyway, watch below as Phil talks about his experience in Bon Jovi and his custom Framus XG!

Phil X (of Bon Jovi) talks about his custom Framus XG

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“What comes out the speakers matters more than your feelings, creampuff!”