This is the last Viewer’s Comments of the year! Lots of great comments and questions this week.

Adam Muszynski asks:
Just saw a mixing tutorial (not gonna mention the channel) where the engineer basically quantized all the guitar tracks. The band recorded their tracks slower (!) and then they did what they proudly called “time expansion” to get it to sound tighter. What do you think of that, Glenn? A little bit too much, isn’t it?

I don’t get that at all, quantizing guitars? Quantizing drums is bad enough! If you’re quantizing your guitars, just give up now! I don’t fucking get that, that’s not metal! That’s just pure horse-shit.

David Stockinger asks:
Glenn, I’ve probably watched every video of yours and I can’t help but wonder if musicians are just a different breed of people. It seems so fucking obvious to do things like paying for a service, learn a song before coming to the studio, clean up after yourself, or learn how to take care of your own instrument. Is this really so widespread or are the things you’re telling over exaggerations?

I only wish they were exaggerations, unfortunately they’re not. Believe me, everything I bitch about is based on real life experience here in the studio. You can’t make this shit up. You’d think that people would be able to do those basic things, for the most part a lot of musicians do, but I just find there’s this running streak of bass players who just are just completely fucking useless! *sigh* – That’s the sad reality of making records.

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Quantizing Guitars is NOT METAL!

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