We’re at Spitfire Studio (Warren Huart’s Place!) You guys know Warren from the YouTube channel Produce like A Pro! He’s a good buddy and we’ve been doing a lot of cool things over the last few years! (And more to come!)

Warren’s going to jump in and help me answer some of the viewer’s comments today! Warren’s a little higher up the chain than me- He’s not a home recording guy…he works with giant bands like Aerosmith… and Black Veil Brides and you know 5 Seconds of Summer (But we’ll forgive him for those last 2!)

Seriously though it’s been an amazing experience. It’s really cool to talk to someone who’s working at his level because it’s been so educational for me, even though I might not dig some of the bands he’s worked with so much!

Kenny Ruiz asks:
What recording gear would you recommend for a garage band making heavy rock/metal on a tight budget?

I mean, I suppose something that has at least 8 inputs, so you can get a full drum kit on there! You can get something with four inputs of course: you do kick, snare, and overheads- but let’s face it, if you’re doing metal you want definition of your toms.

Glenn (Me!):
I definitely recommend an 8-channel interface. The Audient ASP880, it’s about 800 bucks. (Actually $1,399 Oops!) The great thing about it is that you can buy a desktop unit with 2 or 4 mic pre’s in it and then you can break it out as you get more money!

For bargain basement stuff, definitely check out the Samson drum mic kit, that’s only a few hundred bucks! They’re not stellar, but they’ll definitely work!

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