Today’s video is a bit of a quick one, but don’t worry! You’ll be able to see these cymbals featured on the channel moving forward!

I’m super excited to be involved the world famous Canadian cymbal manufacturer, Sabian! They’re from the east coast of Canada- they build amazing cymbals! I’ve been trying to get involved with these guys for the last 3 years or so! You can tell how excited I am by the amount of waving my arms around! haha!

The cymbals on my kit have been, well let’s say, less than stellar- so let’s see what Sabian sent!

They sent me 3 cymbals:
Sabian 17″ AAX AAXplosion Crash
Sabian 19″ AAX AAXplosion Crash
Sabian 20″ AAX Stadium Ride

I’ve got a super bright drum room, and you can’t have super bright cymbals in there and I’ve found the Sabian crashes to just be butter in my very small room!

I’ve got my very good friend Cam Fleury in the studio today to help me demo these cymbals! You might know Cam from his recent “Frantic” cover using a garbage can as a snare!

Check that out below!