Hey Everybody,

A lot of you guys have been asking me about a studio tour.

It’s been several years since my last studio tour and things have been upgraded quite significantly since.

First and foremost, the centerpiece of the studio is my RME Fireface UFX+ and is the nerve center of everything going on here.

I’ve got a replacement op-amp in a box I just need to install it, I’ll probably do an episode on how to replace your op-amp and your 5-12C preamp. I’m sure that will do a huge hit on youtube cause everyone’s going to want to know how to do that.

I’ve got this amazing Redco Audio Patchbay, Watch my episode on patch bays if you want to learn more about that.

Watch: How to USE A PATCHBAY

Big shout out to Hosa for hooking me up with the cables and all kinds of neat adapters, I love working with them.

The Audient mic preamps are really freakin cool, I have the ASP 80, this thing is a whole lot of awesome it’s 8 channels of super pristine clean mic preamps.

Audient stuff if absolutely fucking amazing, I’ve been working with Audient for a couple of years and I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with these guys. When it comes to great preamps for not a shit ton of money the Audient stuff is really hard to beat.

I have a pair of dbx 160 XT’s that I got after hanging out with Warren Huart, Ulrich Wild, and Cameron Webb for a week because they recommended them. They are cheap enough for me to get two, so if you’re looking for a great compressor to find used on eBay, the dbx 160XT is the one you want to get, not the straight 160.

I have a lot of reviews and Demos coming for you soon.