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Welcome to another episode of Viewer’s Comments; the weekly show where I answer your questions about recording to the best of my ability!

Larry Bryd Comments:
How often do you record guitarist who has a total red light panic? I was in the studio till 4:30 THIS FUCKING MORNING because of one numbnuts prima donna who couldn’t get his part down!! Sixteen hours straight for a total of three fucking minutes of usable notes!!

Wow. That’s pretty crazy! I think you went above and beyond on that one man! I’ve always had a rule in the studio if you can’t get it right in 5 takes, GO HOME!

There is no reason you should have been there until 4:30 in the morning if the guy was struggling. That meant he needed to put in the time and practice, not in the studio, at home in his own time.

Usually, I’ll say something like:
Why don’t you come back in two weeks when you’ve actually learned your part, and then we can nail this instead of trying to cluster fuck our way through the song.

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