So I got a new box today in the mail the other day. Been waiting for this one for a while. This is the Sa2a Levelling Compressor from Stam Audio! It is a faithful recreation of the classic Teletronix La2a- the main difference being price!

A brand new Teletronix La2a will run you $3499 USD. The Sa2a retails for $990 USD and if you preorder it’s only $890 USD.

I first encountered their equipment at Alex Nasla’s place in Burbank. So I contacted Stam and told them I’d love to check something out on the show!

What’s cool about the Sa2a is that it only takes up 2 rack spaces versus the original La2a taking up 3! I’ve got limited rack space, so any rack space that I can save is a huge win in my book!

Anyway, let’s get to it!

Stam Audio SA2A : Unbox & Test


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